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Success Class Orientation

AHS Reminders:

  • Please check out of your previous school
  • Student Transfer Notice must be completed
  • Registration papers must be filled out and completed prior to the first day of class. 
Success Class Overview:
The Abraxas High School Success Class provides students with an environment in which to learn positive social skills, stress management, responsibility, planning, and study skills. Reading, writing, listening, and speaking are emphasized during the activities. The Success Class provides an opportunity for students to gain a positive attitude toward themselves and others.

Success Class major goals:

  • Students will become familiar with school and district policy.
  • Students will learn to utilize strategies in dealing with conflict.
  • Students will become successful participants in the classroom regarding attendance and behavior.

Guest Speakers:

  • Sheriff Department: Topics include the Law as it pertains to minors and young adults on / off campus, school rules and policies.
  • San Diego County of Ed representative: Topics include gang awareness, drug abuse, and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Student Services and Coyote Program: Topics include student resources.

In Class Activities (Reading, Writing, and Discussions):

  • MLA format: writing activities
  • Self Esteem Activity
  • Anger Management Activity
  • Decision Making Skills
  • "The 7 Effective Habits of Teens"