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Work Permits

Students 14 - 17 years old seeking employment are required to have a work permit in order to begin working.  Issued work permits are valid for the current school year, and must be renewed each school year in the AHS Administrative office.  See additional information below.
Steps To Obtaining A Work Permit
  1. Complete the Work Permit Application (B1-1) Statement of Intent to Employ a Minor form.  Student completes sections 1 and 2, parent/guardian completes section 3, and employer completes section 4. 
  2. Submit completed Work Permit Applications to the MCHS front office.
  3. Please allow 48-72 hours for processing.  Once processed, the student will need to pick up the official work permit in the front office.
            The student must sign the work permit; only the student can pick up the work permit.
            The student is responsible to provide their employer with the issued work permit prior to starting employment.