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Compulsory attendance laws require that parents send their children to school.  The law further states that a student must attend every scheduled session of every class, even if failure is imminent.  The law applies to all students until they reach 18 years old.  Once a student becomes 18 years old, they become a guest at Abraxas and can be withdrawn from school if their academic progress, attendance, or behavior is not acceptable.

Clearing Absences

Attendance at Abraxas will be verified through the Homeroom Teacher. This will ensure that the attendance procedure is approached from a personal standpoint rather than by an inanimate system.
A parent/guardian must CALL the Homeroom Teacher within 24 hours of the absence to excuse the absence.
When calling in to excuse your student, please provide student's full name and grade, date of absence, time of absence (all day, or specific times), reason for absence, your name and relationship to student, and a contact number.
Absences will be marked as truancies if not excused within 72 hours.

Truants/class cuts

Students who miss an entire day of school without legitimate excuse are considered truant from school and are subject to disciplinary action. If a teacher fails to show up on time, students are to remain by the door until the teacher or administrator arrives. Students who fail to do so will be considered truant from class. Period truancy will be handled through discipline at the school level, including, but not limited to, community service, campus beautification, or loss of privileges.

Arriving Late to School

Any student arriving late to school, must check in and sign in at the front office, and will proceed directly to their assigned class. Students arriving more than 30 minutes late are considered truant (AT) from the period.

Tardy Policy

Students are expected to be in class on time. If the student arrives late for the 4th time (excused or unexcused), the teacher may refer the student to the Administrator, and the student will be required to fulfill lunch detention and/or campus beautification.

Teacher Hall Pass

Student must have a clipboard pass for quick trips or a written colored paper pass signed by a school official for longer trips.

Off-Campus Pass/Early Departure Instructions

Students who need to leave campus during class time must be called in by a parent or guardian to the Homeroom Teacher prior to the time the student is released.  Off-Campus Phone line: (858) 748-5900.  
The following information is required before a pass is sent to your student:
  • Student's Name:
  • Relationship to the student:
  • Time student is to be released:
  • Reason:
When this information is recorded a pass will be sent to your student before their release time.

SARB (Student Attendance Review Board)

Parents or guardians must comply with California Education Code requiring students under 18 years of age to attend school daily. Parents or guardians who fail to meet this obligation may be guilty of an infraction and subject to legal action pursuant to Article 6 of Chapter II of Part 27 of The Education Code.
Twelve excused absences are considered excessive and a Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) letter will be sent to the district office, unless the student brings in a doctor's note for the absence. Subsequent absences will result in issuance of additional letters.  
Students who are truant from school on three (3) different days will have a first truancy letter sent home and a copy sent to the Student Attendance and Discipline Office. Subsequent truant days will result in the issuance of a second and third letter. After three letters of truancy or three letters excessive excused absences have been sent, a SARB court hearing will be scheduled for parents and student to attend.

AHS Teachers 

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