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Health Information

Health Technician: Nicole Cotton
(858)748-5900 x2201 [email protected]
Abraxas has a Health Technician to take care of first aid and emergencies. In case of student illness at school, the Health Technician will notify parents or the emergency contact listed on the enrollment form. No registered nursing services are provided at the school on a daily basis.
Please let the Health Office know if your child has a life threatening illness such as diabetes, seizure disorders, or sever allergies (Bees/Food). We want to be prepared to provide safe care for your child. Please be advised that there are no emergency medications at the school. Our only option is to call 911 if there is ever a concern.
To enable us to provide safe care for your child at school, please submit (if applicable) the required, completed form(s): Diabetic Management Plan or Life Threatening Allergy Plan (H-58); and/or
Authorization to Carry Medication While at School (H-26B), along with prescribed medications.
Parents must come to the health office with the appropriate forms. This includes medications such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Please click on the links below to download documents:


Medication may not be left with the front desk receptionist to give to the Health Technician.
According to California State law, prescription and non-prescription medications are permitted to be taken at school only with a signed statement from both the physician AND the parent/guardian. If the student needs to receive anything, including over-the-counter medications, it is required by law to have both doctor and parent/guardian submit a signed Authorization for Medication Administration form.
Medication at school MUST have a Doctor Signature. Please do not send your child to school with medication.  The District medical procedures are for the safety of the students. For any questions regarding this policy please call the Health Office to answer your questions.
Examples of medication include, but are not limited to: Motrin, Tylenol, Albuterol, Inhalers of all types, Eye drops, Nose sprays, Antibiotic ointments, Antibiotics (needed during the school day), and Benadryl.
Written information that must be provided is: · Student’s name · The name of the medication · Physician’s instructions detailing the date(s), method, amount and time medication is to be given · Parent/guardian and Physician signature
This information is required for all medications including “over-the-counter” Tylenol, ibuprofen, cold/allergy medicines, etc. All medications MUST be labeled with the student’s name and above information, in the original Rx or OTC container.
Sunscreen, cough drops, lip balm and Vaseline, etc, must have a note from the parent on file and will also be monitored by the school personnel.