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Student Support Services

Things to know

Communication Home
Telephone Contact: Teachers will call parent(s)/guardian(s) as necessary and parent(s)/guardian(s) are encouraged to call teachers when situations warrant or to request information. Please be sure to provide the office with current phone numbers.
Parent(s)/guardian(s) who wish to have conferences with teachers to discuss student progress, concerns, etc. are encouraged to do so by contacting the homeroom teacher by telephone or e-mail.  
Conflict Mediation
Students are encouraged to seek Conflict Mediation through the Counselor or Assistant Principal. 
Your counselor is available to work with academic, career, social or personal issues. Students may make appointments to see a counselor. Handbook Student/Parent handbooks will be provided at the time of registration or at the time of the enrollment conference. Students and parent(s)/guardian(s) are responsible for the contents of the handbook. 
Health Office
Students who are ill must get a health office referral from their teacher and bring it to the health technician. Students who are ill must be checked out through the health office. Students will be given a copy of the student office referral form to take home.
Homeroom Teacher
The homeroom teacher is the student’s third period teacher. This individual is the primary support person for each homeroom student. This individual should be the parent/guardian’s main contact for information about their child’s progress and any additional questions.
ID (Student Pictures)
A professional photographer will take school photos once at the start of the Fall Semester. Picture packages will be available for purchase. 
Library/Media Center
The Library is open to students during the school day. Chromebooks, textbooks, library books, and other research materials are available for checkout. Fines will be assessed for overdue books and costs for lost/stolen books. 
A school psychologist is available on a limited basis for academic and personal issues. Generally, the counselor refers a student to the psychologist.
Student Support Strategies
S3 Abraxas High School’s Student Support Strategies (S3) systematically provides assistance to students who have special needs that interfere with their education. Through the joint efforts of the school, the student, the parent(s)/guardian(s), and the community, student problems are addressed. When a student is demonstrating school or personal problems, he or she may be referred to the S3 Team. The S3 team meets weekly to discuss student issues and strategize the best ways to meet student needs. 
Parent(s)/guardian(s) will be contacted by their student’s homeroom teacher and are encouraged to attend. It is the goal of S3 to identify “behavior(s) of concern” as early as possible and provide support and intervention before student behavior reaches a crisis level. Students are referred to the S3 team via any or all of the following: (1) self-referral; (2) teacher referral and/or; (3) referral due to attendance problems or lack of reasonable progress on coursework. 
Support Groups
The purpose of support groups is to provide a caring environment where students can be in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental setting. Trained adults facilitate groups. Parent permission is required for student participation.