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Volunteer to help at Abraxas High School!

Please visit the District's Volunteer page for more information about policies, procedures, TB, and forms.

We love volunteers at Abraxas because they contribute so much time and energy to the students and staff. Here are a few things for volunteers to keep in mind:
TB Testing: Each volunteer must have a current TB test on file with the office.
Megan’s Law Background Check: Each volunteer must have a current Megan’s Law Background Check on file with the office. If you have filled out this form in the past and filed it with Abraxas, you do not need to file another one. If you have volunteered at another school in PUSD, please notify the office; there is no need to fill out another form
PLEASE NOTE: parents will not be allowed to volunteer until the office has received notice of the Megan's Law clearance and results of the TB test.
When You Come To Volunteer Please Sign In & Out: All volunteers at Abraxas are required to sign in at the office and put on a nametag. You must do this each day you volunteer. This helps us identify people on our campus and helps keep our kids safe. Thank you for remembering to do this!

Thank you for your willingness to volunteer and for your support of our school!
See our District Volunteer Page for more information about Volunteering