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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Attends Abraxas?

  • 95% of Abraxas students chose to attend here
  • Almost all of the students are behind in credits
  • Circumstances in someone's life has caused school to be a lower priority at the moment.

How is Abraxas High School different from Poway's Comprehensive High Schools?

  • Small student population (approximately 200 in the diploma program and 70 in the transition program)
  • Small class sizes (typically 18-20 students)
  • Shortened daily schedule
  • Homeroom teachers develop a close personal connection with their students and serve as educational advocates
  • Homeroom teachers manage their students academic experience
  • Time required to complete courses can be extended or reduced, depending upon individual circumstances
  • Exceptional academic and social intervention
  • An outstanding time-day orientation program that helps to ensure student success
  • Scheduling options exsit to meet individual needs.
  • Year-round calendar
  • Typically, only essential academic and extracurricular options are available

How is Abraxas High School the Same as Poway's Comprehensive Schools?

  • Teachers are qualified in their subject areas
  • The same, challenging, standards-aligned curriculum is offered
  • There is an expectation that all students will meet or exceed the challenging PUSD academic standards
  • Academic credit is awarded only after students demonstrate high school-level mastery of course content

What are the academic expectations?

  • Four academic classes per quarter
  • 45 day quarter - 5 credits per class
  • One credit every 9 days
  • We expect you to be engaged, responsible for your education and respectful to all around you

What are the behavioral expectations?

  • Zero Tolerance (Drugs, Threats, Violence, etc.)
  • Academic Honesty
  • Follow school dress-code
  • Cell phones not allowed during class hours